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This page is for Artists and Agents and gives an idea of how the club operates


Agent & Artist Contact.

Please contact the club by email.

Emergeny contact for artists;
If you are delayed on your way to the club or unable to come at the last minute please try to let us know.
My mobile is 07831 271804
Please only use this contact in emergency.


Booking policy.

We generally book artists who perform traditional material.

We generally only book artists who have been recommended by our regulars. We carry out frequent questionnaires to find out who our regulars would like to see at the club, a nd their opinion of those who have appeared.

We do have our regular favourites who are booked on an approx. 3 year cycle, but this does leave room for a few new-to-the-club artists each year.



The Venue.

The room is fairly small and will seat only 50 absolute maximum.


Performance times

The club starts at 8.00 but someone is usually there by 7.40
Artists usually do 2x45 minutes from 8.20 and 9.40
We finish the evening at 10.30 or very soon afterwards.



Basically we don't use PA and the vast majority of artist don't have a problem with this.
The room is fairly small and we are pretty good at shutting up and listening.
There is no bar in the room .

If you do need some equipment, to balance instuments for instance, this needs to be provided by the artist.



Accommodation can be arranged with the club organisers at their home.
Artists are also welcome to arrive early (if they are on tour say) and "chill out" with us during the day at our home.
Those travelling by public transport can be collected from the station.